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Ideas for office events

1. Back to Prom: So your prom has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t relive it with a retro theme party. Crinoline dress entirely optional. 2. Arabian Nights: Get inspired by Morocco when planning your next theme party. Think: belly dancers, traditional Moroccan mint tea (cocktails,[…]

Event Planning Tips

Planning an event is always an undertaking, no matter the scale. There’s a lot to worry about, from setting a date to managing RSVPs to deciding on a caterer. There is also a lot that can go awry. Listen To Your Audience–Right From the Beginning Use your pre-event survey to[…]

Wedding Planning Ideas

1. Set your budget It’s most important to make sure you know right from the beginning how much money you have to play with.  “Then allocate this budget to all the suppliers you will need for your wedding – this makes the sourcing of those suppliers much easier, as you[…]