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Event Planning Tips

Planning an event is always an undertaking, no matter the scale. There’s a lot to worry about, from setting a date to managing RSVPs to deciding on a caterer. There is also a lot that can go awry.

Listen To Your Audience–Right From the Beginning

Use your pre-event survey to get prospective attendees to vote on topics, speakers, workshops and more. Suss out their willingness to travel for the event. “Given the key agenda, does it warrant being in a destination where you don’t have to worry about flights?” asks Romy.

The takeaway event planning tip? Whether you’ve organized this event for years or you’re holding it for the first time, really listen to your audience and let them know when their feedback has affected the planning outcomes. A two-way conversation will help your eventual agenda be more relevant to your audience–and it’ll remind your attendees that they’re being heard.

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